Aurora Hunting Tour

Duration: 4.0hrs
Price: $119.00+GST/person
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      Guided Tours, Wilderness, Wildlife
    • Activity Level Moderate
    • Group Size Small Group
    All about the Aurora Hunting Tour.

    Summer Season: August 15 – September 30

    Winter Season: December 01 – April 20

    Yellowknife is the best place in the world to view Aurora! If skies are clear you have a 98% chance to see Aurora! However skies are cloudy chances are low. Increase your chances to see Aurora with our world famous Aurora Hunting tours!

    We take you out and “hunt” for the Aurora! When we reach our destinations we will park and view the Aurora. We will talk about the science of Aurora, identify some of the stars, the Milky Way and maybe see wildlife while driving from location to location!

    Each night we don’t know where we are going, it depends on Aurora, the weather and the other tour companies. Some say you can see Aurora from anywhere, not true. Some places may have cloud cover, while other places have clear skies. We know this area, we know the weather patterns, your chances for seeing Aurora is the highest with our world famous Aurora Hunting tours.

    Where we go is nothing but wilderness, wildlife and Aurora. Due to the nature of the tour, being more adventurous and late into the evening, age range is 5yrs old and up.

    We will take FREE professional photographs of you! Guests are allowed (n+5) free photos, additional photos can be purchased. All FREE photos will have our logo on them. We will be happy to help set your camera so you can take photos of the Aurora.

    We have tripods for FREE; please reserve when you book your tour. We also have comfortable folding chairs for you to sit on but some guests like to lay down on the frozen ice and snow and look up to enjoy the stars and Aurora! Also enjoy delicious Canadian Maple cookies and yummy hot chocolate, mmmmmmm!

    Because we hunt for Aurora, we offer you the best chances to see Aurora! Other tour companies take you to their camp and stay there, but we will keep moving until we find the best Aurora for you! So if you’re looking for more personal Aurora experience with a 100% Indigenous owned tour company, want the best chances at seeing Aurora and like to meet other wonderful guests from all over the world, then this tour is for you!

    Mother Nature is boss, so on some nights the weather is not good with too much clouds and we cannot see Aurora. So try to book your tour after you look at the weather forecast for those dates. Because of this, some months are better than others for viewing Aurora. We recommend the following months (in order of best to worst viewing chances) to visit Yellowknife:

    1st best month – September (warm temperatures, Aurora reflecting off the water, amazing!)
    2nd best month – August (warmer temperatures, Aurora reflecting off the water, amazing!)
    3rd best month – April (blue skies, blue Aurora! sunny days, warmer temperatures!)
    4th best month – March (warmer weather, more clear nights, Snow Castle is open!)
    5th best month – January (clear nights, very cold, maybe -40C!)
    6th best month – February (clear night, still very cold, maybe -40C!)
    7th best month – December (some clear nights, some cloudy nights, ice road opens!)
    8th best month – October (usually clouds start mid month, low chance to see Aurora)
    9th best month – November (usually starts to clear mid month, low chance to see Aurora)


    AH22-01: $119.00+GST/person

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
    1. Mother Nature is boss, some nights we may not see aurora, we will try our best but be prepared for some nights with no aurora.
    2. We go out into the wilderness to look for Aurora, we do not have a cabin or tents and no washroom facility so be prepared for this.
    3. Even though our vehicles are comfortable, some nights they will be full and for some this can be a tight squeeze, so be prepared for this.
    4. This is Canada’s north and it can get cold, so be prepared for this. For more information on our Aurora tours please see our Aurora Tour Terms & Conditions
    5. You can confirm your booking with payment, please review our Payment & Cancellation Policy before you book.
    6. FREE PHOTOS!!! – Guests can get up to n+5 (n = your group size) FREE PHOTOS.  FREE photos are resized to 1mb or more and are of guests only and have our logo on it. Original, full size photos of guests can be purchased for $4.99+GST/photo. Original, full size Aurora photos from your night of Aurora Hunting can be purchased for $9.99+GST/photo.
    7. You can also purchase our North Star USB Photo Package. This  includes ALL of your photos at high resolution full size plus Aurora photos from each night of your Aurora Hunting tours. It also includes our best North Star promo Day Tour photos, our best promo Tour Videos and 10 best Aurora photos, guest interviews and a personal thank you video from Joe the Aurora Hunter himself! For more information please click on our Photo Terms & Conditions.
    8. We offer FREE Personal pick-up and drop-off service for all hotels and B&B’s.
    9. Travel in our vans or bus can be full, if you are sick please think of others and do not go. If our driver or guide feels that your condition may contribute to an unhealthy environment for the other guests, they will not take you on tour, no refund for this.
    10. We have wonderful guests from many different countries and many different cultures, please be kind and respect each other. If our drivers or guides feel you are disrespecting other guests or staff, you will be asked to leave, no refund for this.
    What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.


    1. Does NOT include Airport Pickup. Most hotels offer FREE airport shuttle. These include the Capital SuitesChateau NovaDays InnExplorer Hotel and Quality Inn. If you are not staying at any of these hotels, contact our office and we may be able to arrange airport pickup.
    2. Does NOT include hotel accommodations. You can book your hotel online at, or contact the hotel directly using the links listed above.
    3. Discounts cannot be combined. Please ask our staff for more details about this.
    4. Prices subject to change due to fluctuations in fuel, hotel, airline and/or tour partner prices.
    5. Dates subject to change due to inclement weather.
    6. Please review our Payment & Cancellation Policy before booking.
    7. GST tax = 5.0%
    8. Does not include Guide Tips, tips can range from $5.00 to $20.00 per tour.

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