Welcome to the land of the Midnight Sun!

Canada’s vast and untouched North has may wonderful and amazing things to see and do in the summer months and we can show you them. For starters, we have the midnight sun, 24 hours of sunlight, that’s right night time but with no night! Then after all the ice has melted off the lakes, fishing season kicks in! With the 7th and 9th largest lakes in the world (Great Bear Lake and Great Slave Lake) you have a good chance to reel in your very own big lake MONSTER! We offer day tours and 3 day fishing adventures.

What else? Oh yes, bird and wildlife viewing such as our majestic eagle and the world’s biggest buffalo and other many species of bird, plant and wildlife. Of course as 100% Aboriginal owned tour company, we are proud to show you our Aboriginal culture. Many of our communities are Aboriginal communities and the residents continue to live a traditional lifestyle and whether you choose one of our many day tours or one our awesome summer adventure packages you will experience our vibrant Aboriginal cultural! We are proud of the fact that when we show you our Aboriginal customs and practices, we do so in a manner that respects our culture and respects our ancestors.

And finally, we have 3 amazing incredible summer Adventure packages for you to choose from for your once in a lifetime northern Canada adventure! Travel back in time and retrace Sir Alexander Mackenzie’s 1789 voyage down the river now named after him or drive the Mackenzie Highway roadways under the midnight sun to the small Aboriginal community of Fort Simpson. This is the destination for both Packages and from here you will fly into the world famous Nahanni National Park or visit and experience the amazing and resilient Inuit culture and the Arctic Tundra with our Arctic Ocean Experience package!

If you are looking for a more personal tour experience with a 100% Aboriginal locally owned tour company, then North Star Adventures is for you!

North Star Adventures guests enjoying winter Aurora

North Star Adventures guests enjoying winter Aurora

Question: When is the best time to go to Yellowknife to see Aurora?

Answer: The best time to come to Yellowknife to see Aurora is August and September! Fall Aurora is more amazing especially when it reflects off the water and the temperatures are much warmer!

Question: What is better, Aurora Camp or Aurora Hunting?

Answer: Aurora Hunting is much better because your chances are higher to see Aurora. Especially when it is cloudy Aurora camps cannot see because they stay in one spot at their camp and see nothing. On those same cloudy nights we have found Aurora because we are mobile, we will drive to many locations. Aurora Hunting gives you higher chance to see Aurora.

Question: Do you pick offer pickup service for Aurora Tour?

Answer: Yes, we offer pickup and dropoff service from all hotels and B&B’s. Most locations are free pickup, however if your hotel (Super 8) or B&B is far from the downtown location, then there is a $5.00+tax or $10.00+tax/person pickup charge.

Question: How long is the Aurora Tour?

Answer: Our Aurora Hunting Tours are about 4.0hrs, sometimes we will stay longer if Aurora is good. Other companies stick to a set time schedule but we are more flexible. Both of our Aurora Snowmobile Tours and our Aurora Photography Tours are 5.0hrs from the time we pick up and drop you off at your hotel or B&B.

North Star Adventures staff with guests

North Star Adventures staff with guests

Thank you for choosing North Star Adventures!!

Phone call:

Step #1: Give us a call at 1.867.446.2900 or 1.867.446.5374.

Step #2: Check for availability

Step #3: Let our staff know what tour or tours you want and what dates you want them.

Step #4: If possible, please follow-up your phone call with an email this confirms we have received your request.



Step #1: After you have chosen your tour(s), please send us an email at info@northstardventures.ca. If you have any other questions or require additional information, this is the time to ask, our staff is ready to help you and will get back to you within 24hrs.

Step #2: Once you have decided what tour(s) you want, please provide the following information:

A. How many in your group?

B. Flight arrival and departure times?

C. What tours you want and what dates you want these tours?

D. Where will you be staying? Please provide room number upon check-in.

E. If you require hotel accommodations, please provide which hotel you prefer? How many nights you will stay and how many rooms you need?



With this information our staff will be able to provide you with a more accurate quote. Thank you for your cooperation, we look forward to having you on our tours!


Thank you for choosing North Star Adventures!!

Now that you have booked your tour, let’s confirm it with a payment.

Step #1: You can confirm your booking by booking online on our website, contacting us with your credit card information, or if you are in Canada, an  e-transfer payment. If you are paying with credit card, you can call our staff at 1.867.446.2900 or 1.867.669.2900 or f you are paying with online e-transfer, please email us the Security Question and Security Answer. You can also book and pay directly online on our website, just click on the blue “Book Now” button the tour page.

Step #2: If you pay with credit card or e-transfer, we will email payment authorization and receipt number back to you. We will keep original receipt on file until your arrival.

Step #3: Please make sure to review our Payment and Cancellation Policy before you submit payment. Our staff can email you a copy of this or you can view it at the bottom of our website.

Step #4: For those guests booking one of our Summer Adventure packages, we suggest you purchase Traveller’s Insurance before arriving in Yellowknife.

We look forward to having you on our tours!

yk airport

How to get to Yellowknife?

Everyday there are many flights into Yellowknife (YZF) from Edmonton (YEG), Calgary (YYC) and in season, Vancouver (YVR).

1. WestJet flies daily into Yellowknife from Edmonton and Calgary.

2. Air Canada flies daily into Yellowknife from Calgary and Vancouver.

3. Canadian North flies daily into Yellowknife from Edmonton.

4. First Air flies daily into Yellowknife from Edmonton.

5. We suggest arriving into Yellowknife in the afternoon or at the very latest, at 7:30pm. Arriving anytime after this, and you will our Sightseeing City Tour for that day, as well as you may miss our world famous Aurora Hunting tour that evening.

Aurora Hunting

Aurora Hunting

North Star Adventures Memory package, usb

Cherish your Yellowknife memories forever!! Share North Star Adventures experience with family, friends, colleagues and coworkers. We are happy to offer free photos for guests on all our tours. Free photos are resized to about 1MB and have our North Star Adventures logo.

We also offer our North Star Memory Package that has ALL your photos from ALL your North Star tours. Also if we took video of you, these will also be included in the USB. Plus 50 of our best photos of our tours, best videos from our tours, including a very cool video of Aurora from one of our tours! Also included is 20 amazing photos of the Aurora, 10 from the summer season and 10 from the winter season! And lastly, your North Star Memory Package will include a personal thank you video from the Joe the Aurora Hunter himself!


  1. Starts at $49.00+GST per 8GB USB for 1-2 person group; $59.00+GST for 3-5 person group; $69.00+GST for 6-9 person group; $99.00+GST for 10 or more person group
  2. If USB requested within 12hr of departure, please add $20.00+GST
  3. If mailed within Canada with Tracking Number, please add $39.00+GST; without Tracking Number, please add $19.00+GST.
  4. If mailed within USA with Tracking Number, please add $39.00+GST; without Tracking Number, please add $29.00+GST.
  5. If mailed INTERNATIONAL with Tracking Number, please add $69.00+GST; without Tracking Number, please add 29.00+GST