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March is here - ICE CASTLE is open! Join us for our 1.5hr fun Ice Road/Ice Castle Tour, meet the Snow King and slide down the Deadman's Ice Slide! All photos and videos included $55.00/person (Ice Castle closed on Mondays)


Aurora Hunting Tour availability


March 27: 07 seats available - Aurora forecast L3 to L4

March 28: 05 seats available - Aurora forecast L3 to L4

March 29: 06 seats available - Aurora forecast L2 to L3

March 30: 00 seats available - Aurora forecast L3 to L4

March 31: 03 seats available - Aurora forecast L3 to L4

April 01: 04 seats available - Aurora forecast L3 to L4


Dettah Ice Road & Ice Castle Tour availability


March 28: 00 seats available - 2:30pm to 4:00pm

March 29: 02 seats available - 12:00pm to 1:30pm


Updated: Thursday March 27 at 7:43pm


Aurora Hunting Tours - November 15 to April 15

Enjoy awesome, amazing Aurora and see many bright stars, even shooting stars! Enjoy the northern skies and breathe in cool, clean fresh northern air. Joe will take photos and keep you entertained with stories and Canadian traditional snacks and hot drinks. Please confirm your booking by 3:00pm of the same day. $95.00/person (min. 3 persons)


Aboriginal Culture Tour - November 15 to April 15

Learn about our Aboriginal customs, history, languages and meet cool Aboriginal and Inuit people! Joe is a descendent of the true Yellowknives Dene First Nation and will tell you stories about our culture, customs, traditional medicine, hunting & trapping and our spirituality. Monday to Friday 1.5hrs; $75.00/person (min. 4 persons)


Sightseeing City Tour - November 15 to April 15

Learn about Yellowknife, see the more popular sights and get cool photos. Joe grew up on Ragged Ass Road and seen Yellowknife grow, he knows the people, the places and will give you a fun, personal tour of Yellowknife; Monday to Friday 1.5hrs; $75.00/person (min. 4 persons)


Ice Road Tours - December 15ish to April 15

Drive on the frozen Great Slave Lake, visit the Indian Village and look thru the frozen ice down into the dark, deep freezing waters below. Listen and feel the ice creak beneath your feet! $35.00/person (min. 4 persons). In March, we add in a tour of the famous Ice Castle for an enjoyable 1.5 hr tour. $55.00/person (min 4 persons); Daily tours (except Sundays) from 11:00 am - 12:00pm


Winter Clothing Rental - November 15 to April 15

Warm Canada Goose Parka, insulated winter ski pants, warm Sorel Glaciar boots, leather mittens, and neck warmer all to keep you warm! Save on your luggage space and have your winter clothing ready and waiting for when you arrive. If we don't have your size, you will get next closest size available. $45.00/day ($75.00/day if you are not taking our tours)


Amazing Arctic Aurora Packages - August 04 to October 12

August and September is the best time to see Aurora especially for Aurora photos!! The Aurora reflecting off the water is an incredible shot, plus the warm temperatures! If you are looking for a more personal tour experience with a local Aboriginal tour company then book your tour today. Packages start at $499.00/person


Prices subject to change


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