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What is Aurora?

We say the Aurora is born on the surface of the sun. When the sun's solar flares or the sunspots erupt on the sun's surface, it sends solar plasma into space, this is when Aurora is born. The stronger or more intense the eruption of these solar flares or sunspots, the stranger the Aurora will be on Earth, provided the solar plasma sent out is headed towards us, Earth.

Again, depending on the intensity of the eruption, the solar plasma can travel through space at very high speeds, sometimes as fast as up to 800kms/s! When we see the solar wind speed being so high, we know we are in for a spectacular Aurora show!

When this solar plasma hits our atmosphere, that's when the magic of Aurora comes alive! Charged particles (electrons and protons) collide with gases high up in our atmosphere producing tiny explosions that fill the sky with colourful light. As billions of tiny explosions occur in sequence, that's aurora! When seeing the aurora moving or if they are moving really fast, we say they are ``dancing``. This is what you are seeing when you look up.

What is Aurora Hunting?

When we started way back in 2007, there were only Aurora camps. Therefore, we introduced a new kind of tour, Aurora Hunting. Aurora Hunting is when you move around from place to place looking for the best spots to view the Aurora. It is a mobile tour, we move around, there are no cabins, no tents, no washrooms, ``Nothing but wilderness, wildlife and Aurora!``

Aurora Hunting gives you the best chances to see Aurora, especially on cloudy nights. There have many nights when other aurora camps did not see the aurora and yet we saw aurora! We will always try our best to find aurora for you.

Thus, on cloudy nights, we drive many more kilometres to look for aurora, add to that, Joe, the Aurora Hunter, being raised and taught by his grandfather, can assess the current weather conditions and will make a decision on which direction to go for the best chances to find aurora on those cloudy nights! So if you want the best chances to see Aurora, then our world-famous Aurora Hunting tours are for you.

When is best to see Aurora?

As long as we have a sun, we will always have Aurora. Of course, the best time to see Aurora is when the nights are darkest.
Here are some aurora reviewing information for each month:
1st – September (warm temperatures, Aurora reflecting off the water, amazing!!)
2nd – August (warmer temperatures, Aurora reflecting off the water, amazing!)
3rd – April (blue skies, blue Aurora! sunny days, warmer temperatures!)
4th – March (warmer weather, more clear nights, Snow Castle is open!)
5th – January (clear nights, very cold, maybe -40C!)
6th – February (clear night, still very cold, maybe -40C!)
7th – December (some clear nights, some cloudy nights, ice road opens!)

Where is best to see Aurora?

Yellowknife is the best place in the world to see an awesome, amazing Aurora under more stable weather!

Aurora can be seen anywhere in the Aurora belt or Aurora Oval. These are the areas where Aurora ca best be seen. They are a function of Earth's magnetic poles. They form a circle around each of the respective magnetic poles.


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