At North Star Adventures, we have two different types of experience on offer: Tours and Packages.

The difference between the types of experience is the length of time. Tours are day trips usually several hours long. Packages, on the other hand, are adventures that are usually several days long.

A once in a lifetime experience!

Join us and we will show you the amazing, spectacular Northwest Territories! In our First Nations language we call it “Denendeh” and it is home to vibrant Aboriginal culture, breathtaking mountains, rivers, lakes, tundra, flora, fauna and so much more! Each package showcases the best of our untouched north. 

If you’re looking to experience the majestic north and if you enjoy a more personal tour experience, then North Star Adventures is for you! Send us an email or give us a call today and our staff will be happy to help you book your once in a lifetime North Star Adventures experience!