Mackenzie Nahanni Adventure, North Star Adventures, Virginia Falls,A once in a lifetime experience!

We are happy to offer both Summer and Winter adventure packages. The Northwest Territories is an impressively large tract of geography with many unique and spectacular places. Including beautiful mountain ranges, picturesque plateaus, scenic valleys, Arctic oceans, thousands of freshwater lakes, many historical rivers, vast arctic tundra and vibrant Indigenous cultures. Each of our packages is specifically designed to showcase the best of these natural Arctic wonders!

North Star Adventures Ltd is the only Yellowknife based tour company that can offer these once in a lifetime packages. Why? Because we are from here, we grew up here we know the people, the communities, the land, we know the north. In our Indigenous language we call the Northwest Territories “Denendeh” which means “our land”. As a 100% Indigenous owned tour company we have the knowledge, the experience and the expertise to ensure that your North Star Adventures experience is comfortable, genuine and safe.

So if you’re looking to experience the majestic Northwest Territories and if you prefer a more personal tour experience with a Yellowknife based, 100% Indigenous owned tour company, then North Star Adventures is for you! Send us an email or give us a call today and our staff will be happy to help you book your once in a lifetime northern Canada experience!

Mackenzie Nahanni Adventure

Starts at $6695.00*+GST/person
6 Days

Mackenzie River Canoe Expeditions

Starts at $6069.00+GST/person
12 days

Midnight Sun Road Adventure

Starts at $4595.00+GST/person
6 Days
2 & 3 Night Packages

North Star Aurora Winter Package

Starts at $549.00+GST/person
2 & 3 Night Packages

Thaidene Nene Culture Experience

Starts at $3995.00+GST/person
6 days