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MRCE04: 16 Day Fort Simpson to Tulita

Duration: 16 Days
Price: $11995.00+GST/person
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  • Vacation Style Holiday Type
    Camping, Canoeing, Indigenous Culture, mackenzie river
  • Activity Level Moderate
  • Group Size Small Group
    10 Persons
All about the MRCE04: 16 Day Fort Simpson to Tulita.

Season: July 03 – August 30

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This Expedition is our MRCE-04. Starts with a 650km from Yellowknife to our put in point in the community of Fort Simpson. Canoe and camp 491kms to the small traditional community of Tulita, then a relaxing air charter flight back to Yellowknife. We will spend an additional night in Fort Simpson for those that choose our Optional Nahanni National Park flight seeing day tour.

We will spend 12-13 days canoeing and camping on this mighty Mackenzie River! Along the way you will learn the history of the river, visit traditional camping spots, visiting Wrigley along the way. Enjoying the pristine beauty of the Mackenzie River, the vibrant Indigenous cultures, wonderful local residents and delicious traditional meals!

On this Expedition you will see the Mackenzie River valley transition from the flatter terrain to the mountains of the Mackenzie Mountain Range! The breathtaking view of the mountains on your left side as we make our way to our destination community of Tulita!

First trip of the 2021 summer season departs Yellowknife July 04, with our last trip of the season for this Expedition (MRCE-04), departing Yellowknife September 10. Everything is provided, you just need to bring your friends, family or colleagues. Learn more about this Package now.

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Package Dates: 2022

MRCE04-22-01: July 06 – July 21 
MCRE04-22-02: July 20 – August 04 
MRCE04-22-03: August 03 – August 18
MRCE04-22-04: August 17 – September 01
MRCE04-22-05: August 31 – September 15 

Package Dates: 2021 MRCE04-01: Arrive Yellowknife June 26 (100th anniversary!) MCRE04-02: Arrive Yellowknife July 02 (100th anniversary!) MRCE04-03: Arrive Yellowknife July 11 MRCE04-04: Arrive Yellowknife July 20 MRCE04-05: Arrive Yellowknife July 29 MRCE04-06: Arrive Yellowknife August 07 MRCE04-07: Arrive Yellowknife August 16 Price starts: $7995.00+GST/person “Canoe Only” option Price: $9995.00+GST/person “All-inclusive + Culture” option min: 6 person; max: 20 persons

Price: $11995.00+GST/person

min: 8 person; max: 20 persons


The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Indigenous guides & genuine Indigenous cultur
  • Experience life in Indigenous communities
  • Storytelling with Dene Elders
  • Hike the iconic Bear Rock
  • Comfortable hotel accommodations*
  • Comfortable B&B accommodations
  • Experience our 24hr daylight phenomenon**
  • Experience awesome amazing Aurora Borealis**
  • Scenic road trip to and from Yellowknife
  • Northern wildlife and North American game bird viewing
  • Amazing photography opportunities!
  • All river meals and snacks provided
  • Flight into world famous Nahanni National Park (optional)
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*Package highlights vary depending on which Package is chosen

**Depends on which Package dates chosen


What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Return airfare to Yellowknife
  • Travel Insurance
  • North Star Memory Package
  • North Star Souvenir Package
  • Gratuity for guides and staff
  1. Day 1 Road trip to Fort Simpson
    After a good night’s rest in your Yellowknife hotel we are on the road for a relaxing 650km drive to our put in point, Fort Simpson. Along the way we will see the world’s biggest wild Wood Buffalo. We will arrive into Fort Simpson later afternoon, for those choosing our July 10 departure date, you are in for a real treat as the community will be holding  very special celebration today, the 100th anniversary of the signing of Treaty 11! Also in Fort Simpson we will do our formal introductions of all guests and staff and hold our orientation session of your trip. The evening is yours to enjoy.
  2. Day 2 Fly into world famous Nahanni National Park!
    Today is option day for those that choose the day flightseeing tour into the world famous Nahanni National Park! You will fly into the Mackenzie Mountains, land at the 315ft Virginia Falls, have lunch, then it’s off to the impressive Cirque De Unclimbables at Glacier Lake and then to the oasis of the Mackenzie Mountains, Little Doctor Lake! For those not choosing this tour, the day is your to wander and get to the know the community of Fort Simpson, maybe play a round of golf on the Northwest Territories’ most beautiful golf course, the Seven Spruce Golf Course!
  3. Day 3 Canoeing on the Mackenzie River!
    After a hearty breakfast, we head down to the docks to prepare for departure. We will do a last minute check of the canoes and the gear, hold a safety meeting and then we start our epic 491km journey to Tulita! Local residents and community leaders will come down to see us off. After a traditional prayer ceremony, we are on our way! We will arrive our first camping spot late afternoon, set up our tents and our camp. After dinner, our support boat and local Dene Elder will tell stories about the old days.
  4. Day 4-7 Canoeing, camping and culture on the Mackenzie River
    The next 4 days and nights we continue our journey, the very same journey Sir Alexander Mackenzie and his men did 232 years ago! On the 3rd day you will see the majestic Mackenzie Mountains on the left and will be in view for the rest of the trip! One of our camping spots we will be Mountain View, an incredible spot! Early morning breakfasts, lunch on river when we”raft” the canoes together and delicious dinner meals on the shore. Evenings are time to relax and reflect, gather around the campfire to share stories, enjoy your soothing chamomile tea, afterwards crawl into your tent for a good night’s sleep on the mighty Mackenzie River!
  5. Day 8 Arrive into the tiny village of Wrigley
    After 4 days of canoeing and camping on the river we arrive into the small Indigenous community of Wrigley. Arriving mid afternoon, we will set up our tents and then explore this tiny community of pop. 119. Walk around the community, meet local residents and community leaders.  A delicious traditional dinner and then enjoy enjoy a relaxing evening in this wonderful Indigenous community.
  6. Day 9-13 Canoeing and camping on the mighty Mackenzie River!
    The next 5 days and nights we continue our canoe journey following in the footsteps of our ancestors and that of Sir Alexander Mackenzie, who paddled this same route over 232 years ago!  Early morning breakfasts, stopping at stops here and there along the way, “raft” the canoes together for a relaxing lunch floating on the river, take some time to yourself and reflect on your journey then sit around the campfire to share stories, enjoy your soothing chamomile tea and then crawl into your tent for a good night’s sleep on the shores of the mighty Mackenzie River!
  7. Day 14 We arrive Tulita, our destination!
    After 7 days of canoeing and camping on the river we arrive into the small Indigenous community of Wrigley, our destination. Arriving late afternoon, our North Star vans will be waiting for you and after packing up the canoes and gear we are on the road back for a 2.5hr drive to Fort Simpson where you will check into your comfortable B&B for a nice hot shower! A relaxing cookout dinner with a local Dene family awaits you.
  8. Day 15 Climb Bear Rock today!

    Today, after a hearty breakfast, we will join a local tour company and they will take us on a scenic 4hr hiking experience up the iconic Bear Rock. Bear Rock holds a tremendous significance in our Dene history. You will hear and learn about the Dene legend of Yamoria and Bear Rock. Back to Tulita, the rest of the day is yours to enjoy this historic community, meet the locals and enjoy our culture.

  9. Day 16 Scenic charter flight back to Yellowknife
    After an early hearty breakfast, and heartfelt farewells to the local residents, it’s on the plane for a relaxing and scenic flight back to Yellowknife. Arriving in late afternoon, we will check you into your hotel and then all meet for a delicious, well deserved wrap up dinner. We will all reminisce about your last 15 days, an incredible personal achievement, not many in the world have done this, you did!!  Thank you for choosing North Star Adventures!
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