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Ingraham Trail Shuttle & Delivery Service

Duration: Shuttle & Delivery service
Price: Starts at $20.00+GST
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All about the Ingraham Trail Shuttle & Delivery Service.

Phone: (867) 444-STAR (444-7827)

Passenger Shuttle Service – *Reliable*Comfortable*Safe

We are happy to offer a new services for Ingraham Trail residents. With our new Ford Transit vans we offer a comfortable, safe and reliable passenger shuttle service to Cassidy Point, Madeline Lake, Pontoon Lake, Pontoon Lake East, Prelude Lake West, Prelude Lake and Prelude Lake East.

We offer a number of different payment options, you can pay online here or with credit card, PayPal and with cash. Departure location from Yellowknife will be the downtown Independent Store. Arrival location into Yellowknife will be the Quality Inn downtown Yellowknife. Departing from the Ingraham Trail, first departure location will be Prelude Lake East.

NOTE: For those wanting shuttle service and did not book, you can catch the shuttle at the entrance of your access road at the scheduled times the shuttle van will be at your access your entrance. For these bookings, cash payment is preferred. Try to call ahead if you can, if not be sure to wave to the driver.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

Passenger Price

Seniors (65+): 10% discount; Youth (5yrs-12yrs): 25% discount; Round trip: 15% discount
    • $20.00+GST/person: YK River
    • $25.00+GST/person: Cassidy Point
    • $30.00+GST/person: Pontoon Lake; Madeline Lake
    • $35.00+GST/person: Prelude Lake West, Prelude Lake; Pontoon East; Prelude Lake East
    • We are able to offer shuttle service for private functions and gatherings, we can comfortably accommodate group sizes up to 50 persons. Please email for price quote.
  1. Day1 Daily Schedule:

    Departing from downtown Independent

    • 11:00am: Independent Store
    • 11:10am: Yellowknife River
    • 11:20am: Cassidy Point
    • 11:30am: Madeline Lake
    • 11:35am: Pontoon Lake
    • 11:40am: Prelude Lake West
    • 11:50am: Prelude Lake
    • 12:05pm: Pontoon Lake East
    • 12:15m: Prelude Lake East

    Departing from Prelude Lake East

    • 12:20pm: Prelude Lake East
    • 12:25pm: Pontoon Lake East
    • 12:35pm: Prelude Lake
    • 12:45pm: Prelude Lake West
    • 12:50pm: Pontoon Lake
    • 1:00pm: Madeline Lake
    • 1:15pm: Cassidy Point
    • 1:20pm: YK River
    • 1:30pm: Quality Inn downtown Yellowknife


    Departing from downtown Independent

    • 6:00pm: Independent Store
    • 6:10pm: Yellowknife River
    • 6:20pm: Cassidy Point
    • 6:30pm: Madeline Lake
    • 6:35pm: Pontoon Lake
    • 6:40pm: Prelude Lake West
    • 6:50pm: Prelude Lake
    • 7:05pm: Pontoon Lake East
    • 7:15pm: Prelude Lake East

    Departing from Prelude Lake East

    • 7:20pm: Prelude Lake East
    • 7:25pm: Pontoon Lake East
    • 7:35pm: Prelude Lake
    • 7:45pm: Prelude Lake West
    • 7:50pm: Pontoon Lake
    • 8:00pm: Madeline Lake
    • 8:15pm: Cassidy Point
    • 8:20pm: YK River
    • 8:30pm: Quality Inn downtown Yellowknife
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