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Aurora Romance Packages


Duration: 3 Night Package
Starts at $1449.00*+GST/person

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  • Vacation Style Holiday Type
      anniversary, Aurora Hunting, Aurora Romance, honeymoon
    • Activity Level Moderate
    • Group Size Small Group
    All about the Aurora Romance Packages.

    Season: August 21 to October 15

    aurora hunting, north star adventures, northern lights, aurora borealis

    Summer Aurora season is one of the best times to see Aurora in Yellowknife! Since we started back in 2007, we have always said “the warmer the weather, the better the Aurora!” Sometimes we can see the beautiful Aurora when the temperature is +20C!

    Winter season is definitely a once in a lifetime Canadian experience, Aurora and fun winter activities such as dogsledding, snowmobiling and more! The days are shorter and darker and the temperatures can drop down to -40C, but winter Aurora is still as beautiful as can be!

    See Aurora with the world’s BEST Aurora Hunting tour company Yellowknife offers the best place to see Aurora! Aurora Hunting gives you a better chance to see Aurora.

    As one of the world’s best Aurora Hunting tour companies, we go above and beyond to make sure your Yellowknife visit is a comfortable and memorable experience! If you’re looking for a more personal Aurora tour experience with a local, 100% Indigenous owned tour company, then North Star Adventures is for you!

    aurora hunting, north star adventures, northern lights, aurora borealis

    Package Prices:

    ARP01: Darling: $1449*+GST/person
    ARP02: Sweetheart: $2249+GST/person
    ARP03: Soulmate: $2799+GST/person

    AURORA romance, north star adventures, yellowknife tours


    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

    Package Highlights

    • Personal airport shuttle service
    • Personal Aurora viewing experience
    • 3 nights Aurora Hunting Tour
    •  Sightseeing City Tour
    • 2 Delicious Brunch meals
    • 2 Delicious Traditional Foods dinners
    • Private hotel accommodations
    • Free tour transfers for all tours
    • FREE professional photos of all tours!
    What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

    Optional Tours & Services

    • Return airfare to Yellowknife
    • Travel insurance
    • Optional Day Tours
    • Gratuities for Guides & Drivers


    Return airfare, optional Day Tours, additional meals can be added to your package, subject to availability. Flights can be arranged from Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa and Toronto.

    Send us an email and our kind and courteous staff will be happy to assist with your Package options.

    We hope to see you guys soon! 🙂


    1. Day 1 Arrive Yellowknife!
      • Airport shuttle service to hotel
      • Check into your romance room
      • Delicious romantic dinner
      • Private Aurora Hunting tour
      • Private hotel accommodations
    2. Day 2 Explore Yellowknife!
      • Delicious Brunch meal
      • Private Sightseeing City Tour
      • Delicious dinner of local foods
      • Private Aurora Hunting Tour
      • Private hotel accommodations
    3. Day 3 More Aurora Romance!
      • Delicious Brunch meal
      • Optional Day Tour
      • Delicious Dinner (optional)
      • Private Aurora Hunting Tour
      • Private hotel accommodations
    4. Day 4 Fly home with lifelong memories!
      • Breakfast Meal
      • Private airport shuttle service

      Head home with amazing Aurora memories!!
      Thank you for choosing North Star Adventures

    Free Dinner
    • Romantic dinner of local traditional foods
    • Delicious Brunch meal

    Answer: The best time to come to Yellowknife to see Aurora is August and September! Fall Aurora is more amazing especially when it reflects off the water and the temperatures are much warmer!

    Answer: Aurora Hunting is much better because your chances are higher to see Aurora. Especially when it is cloudy Aurora camps cannot see because they stay in one spot at their camp and see nothing. On those same cloudy nights, we have found Aurora because we are mobile, we will drive to many locations. Aurora Hunting gives you a higher chance to see Aurora.

    Answer: Yes, we offer pickup and dropoff service from all hotels and B&B’s. Most locations are free pickup, however if your hotel (Super 8) or B&B is far from the downtown location, then there is a $5.00+tax or $10.00+tax/person pickup charge.

    Answer: Our Aurora Hunting Tours are about 4.0hrs, sometimes we will stay longer if Aurora is good. Other companies stick to a set time schedule but we are more flexible. Both of our Aurora Snowmobile Tours and our Aurora Photography Tours are 5.0hrs from the time we pick up and drop you off at your hotel or B&B.

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